“I have been restoring dental implants for over 10 years and throughout this time I had hoped that one day I would perform the actual surgical placement. I attended many lectures and study clubs where the speaker commonly left me with the two general messages: “I know way more than you, do not attempt this on your own” and the second “Refer those patients to me, I am the expert.” Fortunately all of that changed during the 3 day course at Dr. Stephen Diana’s office. It was a small group of participants in a truly hands-on setting. The first day was the most informative and intriguing lecture on dental implants that I have ever attended. Dr. Diana did not automatically assume that we are at his level of expertise. He simply acknowledged that we are beginners, and explained in a logical sequence the process of single implant placement. The second day we observed while he placed implants on several patients. During each case, he repeatedly reviewed the concepts that he had covered the previous day. Finally, the third and big day arrives, where you get to place your own implant on your own patient, being closely guided by Dr. Diana. At the end of that course I realized that if I chose my cases carefully, I can actually start to place implants immediately. Dr. Diana is not only an amazing dental surgeon, but he is also a brilliant communicator. He demystified dental implants for me and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Dr. D. Elsheikh DDS🙂”

Dr. Dalia Elsheikh DDS