Our Mentorship Program


Unfortunately, it is all too common for dentists to invest significant time and money into implant surgical education programmes but leave lacking the confidence to apply what they have learned when they return to their own practice.

Confidence in surgical implant dentistry only comes with clinical experience. Didactic education provides the required knowledge base, but confidence in performing these procedures only happens as we complete actual clinical cases.

Mentorship provides an opportunity for clinicians to treat their own patients under the guidance of a more experienced peer. The mentorship environment fosters the development of confidence.

In my professional experience, I have found that the best approach to proficient and confident tooth extractions is achieved through one-on-one training with a focus on patient specific cases.

Small Group Mentorship sessions are available. Peer to Peer.  Limited to six participants, each participant will have the opportunity to treat up to four patients. In addition to your own cases, you will also observe the surgeries of the other participants in this collegial experience. The opportunity of being involved in the case workup and surgical treatment of 24 clinical cases!

Included in the Mentorship program:

  • Limited to six peers
  • Assistance with all of the pre-surgical workup for each of your cases in advance of the surgical date.
  • A full day of surgeries to be performed at Peer2Peer training centre.
  • Opportunity to complete up to four surgical cases
  • Enormous confidence booster!