Welcome To Peer2Peer Training

Welcome To Peer2Peer Training Centre

At Peer2Peer Training Centre, our goal is to provide you with educational experiences that empower you with both the knowledge and the clinical experience to elevate your confidence immediately!

Learn from colleagues that work day to day, like you, in general practice. Colleagues who have focussed their education and their practice on specific aspects of dentistry. Take advantage of this unique faculty of dentists who are just like yourself and who best understand your practice needs and will teach you how to incorporate what you learn into your daily professional lives.

Who best to learn from than someone just like you. Practical. Comprehensive. Confidence.

All courses have limited enrollment to ensure a more personalized learning experience. Dynamic and Interactive education with approachable instructors. The didactic days, although structured, become dialogue inspired by the questions of the small group. Each day evolves based on the needs of each peer group to create a truly unique learning experience! Peer to Peer.


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